Fallout 4 Nuka-World: How to Find All 35 Star Cores Guide (2023)

Starlight Interstellar Theatre (4 Sternenfarben)

Fallout 4's Nuka World expansion challenges players to loot many different items, often for a large reward. One such mission called Star Control has players search for star cores. While only 20 is required to complete the base quest, finding all 35 will give you thatQuantum Power Armor.

After entering the Starlight Interstellar Theater go straight and bear left. There will be a broken toilet with a hole in one of the walls. The core is right in that hole on the floor.

Exit the bathroom and go left. You are in a theater full of small rockets. On the back is a control panel with your second Star Core.

Turn around and walk back to the cinema screen, then take the door on your right. On the right you will see an elevator with a hallway. Go down the hall and turn left into some sort of rest area. The next room has a control panel with another Star Core.

Head back to the theater, but before entering, turn left and head down the hall to an elevator. Take the elevator and you'll find another Star Core on a control panel.

Vault-Tec: Under the Stars (6 Star Cores)

After entering, go straight down the hallway that makes it appear like you are driving at high speed. You arrive in a room that looks like an astronaut landing, with a small room in the back. Here you will find a Star Core.

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Exit the small room and go back into this glowing hallway, but before you go in, go right and you'll see a walkway. Follow the catwalk down two flights of stairs and into some rooms. When you enter this room, look to the left and you will see a small control room. Enter and find your next Star Core.

Exit the room and go straight to the right. There will be another room that you can enter with a crib in it. Keep going there and you will find another control room with another onethree coreson the different panels.

Go back through the room with the crib and turn right. There is a door full of gas on your right, ignore it. Wait on the grate in front of you and go to the Protectron containers. To the left of this is a panel with the final core of the range.

RobCo Battlezone (6 Sternenkerne)

After entering the building, go straight and bear left when you pass the sign that says RobCo Battlezone. You are in a large area, but look to your left and as you enter you will find a set of stairs next to you - there is a red 'Staff Only' sign next to it. There will betwo coresin the room at the top of the stairs.

Go down the stairs and bear left. To the left of the big cage is an entrance, go in and go straight when you see the fork. You'll seetwo more coresright in front of you.

Go back the way you came, this time taking the left path at the fork. There is a red computer down the stairs. There you will find a core.

Go outside again and go to the passage between the stairs on your left. You'll find the last core behind the counter just inside.

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Nuka Galaxy (7 Star Colors)

Go through the queue to the roller coaster. Face the runway (with the red numbers at your feet in front of you) and look to the right to find the control room. There's a star core in there.

You'll find a ladder at the back of the control room. Go downstairs and you'll find yourself in a large empty room with another ladder on the other side. Go up the stairs and enter the door on the left and follow the path. You are in the rollercoaster room with all the fake asteroids. Go through it to find the ladder leading down. Follow the wall on your right around the room and you'll find a small hallway with Protectrons and a computer terminal containing a Star Core.

Next to this computer is another ladder leading down. Follow her and enter the room opposite where there is another ladder. Head downstairs and you'll find an elevator down a hallway. The elevator will take you upstairs, where you'll find another set of stairs on the other side of the room. Scrolling down will reveal a computer with a different Star Core.

Go down the stairs after taking the last core and cross the field of rocks and grass. Just follow the path and you will come to a door. Enter and walk straight and you will see another set of stairs (this building loves stairs) on the right. Climb to the top of the tower while keeping to your left (there are 4 flights of stairs) to find a core on a computer.

Go down the last flight of stairs you just went up and you will see that there are more stairs to your right leading to a walkway. Cross the catwalk, turn right and keep going up towards the small UFOs until you reach a room with more coaster tracks and another ladder at the end. Follow it and you will be at the beginning of the tour. The control panel near the stuck cars will house a Star Core.

Jump the rails and enter the room you see there. Climb up and another computer on the left will house your next core.

Next to the room you just entered is a small computer room. The final core is here.

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Galactic Zone Terrains (7 Star Cores)

Once you get the previous cores, you will have enough to access the mainframe for your mission. Go ahead and search the floor of the room you're in (it's the one with the cool Power Armor in the center). You'll find a core on the ground near a corpse.

Go outside and face the building you were in to see the Star Control shield and Power Armor taunting you. Hug the left side of the building, which will take you down an alley of sorts, then go left if you can. On the left side you will find a large yellow drill and another core next to a body.

Now go and stay away from RobCo Battlezone. Face the building to see the sign and go left. Keep right along the path and you'll see a ramp that curves up. Just before this ramp is a control panel with a Star Core.

Go back to the front of the Star Control building. This will be the Starpoint Nuka waypoint on your map. Face the building and go up the stairs on your right. At the top of the stairs, turn left and enter the large circular room. In one of the display classes at the back of the room is a Star Core.

Go to the front of Nuka-Galaxy. On the other side is a red building that says "Arcjet G-Force" on the outside. Enter and climb the stairs to find a Star Core on the controls.

Go back outside and face Nuka-Galaxy again. Go right from the ramp leading to the entrance. You will find a small white pendant with a star core inside.

The last core in this area requires the completion of the Nuka-World main quest. Once you've done that, go back to the Star Control building and head into the circular room at the very top. You can now use the elevator in the middle of this room. There is a circular room at the top from which you can observe the park. Near the center is a red computer that contains the core.

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Outside of Nuka-World's galactic zone are 5-star cores

Exit Doc Phosphate's Saloon in Dry Rock Gulch. Once you're past the hall, you'll see a street lamp in front of you. Next to this light pole is a core.

Head to the Nuka-World Junkyard west of the map. It is outside the park in a wide open area. East of this location you will find a large brown barn. Enter and go up the stairs. At one end of the upper level you'll find a computer with a star core inside.

Go to Nuka-Cade in Nuka-Town, USA. Walk straight ahead as if to redeem tickets, then turn right and drop down. There is a weapon bench in one of the rooms and at the very top is the Star Core.

Inside Nuka-Cola's bottling plant is a large light blue machine. A Star Core is lying on the ground to his right.

You can find the last Core in the Nuka Town Market. You can find this Star Core on a small table with a "SALE" sign outside.

Once you have all 35 Star Cores, head back to the Star Control building in the Galactic Zone, place them all where they belong on the computer, and open the case with the terminal. You now have a Quantum X-01 Mk. V suit from Power Armor. To enjoy.


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