Fallout 4: Nuka-World - Guide to complete the mission 'Cappy in a haystack' Guides and cheats (2023)

On PC, PS4 and Xbox One: Skip the clues and find the exact locations of Cappy's 10 hidden codes to unlock an awesome new Nuka-Cola weapon.

Fallout 4: Nuka-World - Guide to complete the mission 'Cappy in a haystack' Guides and cheats (1)

This is notnormal fallout 4 quest. Rather than spoon-feeding Sole Survivor landmarks, this mission only features decryption goggles and 10 clues to follow. If you want to arm yourself and get one of the most destructive Commonwealth schemes, then hop over to the Cappy Code locations below.

let's go back So this quest sees the return of Nuka's Nuka-possessed Sierra Petrovita.Fallout 3Fame. He's still searching for Nuka's secrets, and this might be the biggest secret of all. Finding 10 of Cappy's hidden images gives you the opportunity to create a code and enter Nuka-Cola's inventor's office. You'll also get new clothes and weapons for all your hard work. After all, it's not a bad deal considering the grand prize is at the endFallout New VegasCollecting caps turned out to be nothing at all.

If you're a true survivor, check out Gameranx's huge list of guides, guides, secret locations, and everything else a new Vault 111 escapee needs to thrive in the world.Fallout 4 Ultimate Commonwealth Guide.

Cappy in the Haystack Mission Completion Guide

What makes this mission special? There are ten hidden images to find and interact with. The clues will point you in the right direction, but won't give you exact locations. If you need help finding any of Cappy's 10 secret pictures, scroll down to find all locations in detail.

  • How to start the search:Start your quest by finding Sierra Petrovita. Roam the courtyard south of the Fizztop Grille near the Nuka-Cade building.

Talk to Sierra and she will give you the unique Cappy glasses and a list of clues to help you find the 10 hidden Cappy pictures. You'll need to equip the Cappy Goggles to properly see the secret images, so keep them equipped when you're out hunting.

Find all ten Cappies to complete the secret code. Once you find a code, interact with the image to "save" this Cappy collectible. These are the places you should be looking for.

  • Cappy Nr. 1:Nuka-Town, USA: Southwest of Fizztop Grille, marked on the inside of the large barrier wall between the stroller drop-off area and the restrooms.
  • Capri Nr. 2:Galactic World - Follow the left wall of Star Control until you reach a door. The image is to the left of this door, right next to the "For Employees Only" sign.
  • Capri Nr. 3:Galactic World - Look to the left of Robco Battlezone for the large "Space Walk" path; Upstairs, nearby is a cul-de-sac with trash cans. The Cappy is emblazoned on the nearby wall.
  • Capri Nr. 4:Safari Adventures - At the entrance to the Safari Adventures primate house, look behind the bushes and the large primate statue.
  • Capri Nr. 5:Safari Adventure - In the hedge maze of the Safari area, northwest of Primate House. Find an exposed stone wall dead end in the maze to find this Cappy.
  • Capri Nr. 6:Kiddie Kingdom - Deep inside the Fun House you'll come to a rotating neon green platform - open all the red doors to find what appears to be an empty closet containing a Cappy code piece.
  • Capri Nr. 7:Kiddie Kingdom - Climb to the top of Kiddie Kingdom's tall (and partially destroyed) clock tower. Head upstairs and you will find the Cappy painted on an interior wall.
  • Capri Nr. 8:World of Refreshment - Enter the Quantum River through the entrance and look at the sides of the old western style buildings along the main walkway. Stand on top of a cactus and look to the sides of the building for easy spotting.
  • Cappy Nr. 9:Doc Phosphate's Saloon - Head a bit southwest of the saloon to find an old western graveyard. Look at the back of the tombstones to mark your penultimate Cappy.
  • Cappy Nr. 10:Dry Rock Gulch - Talk to Sheriff Eagle to start his Noon on the Gulch quest. Find the other three robots to complete the safe combination pieces and open Sheriff Eagle's safe. Once you have access to Mad Mulligan's mine, go to the waterfall cave and look for a small shack near the running water. On the outer walls you will find the latest Cappy code.

Return to Sierra Petrovita to learn what all those letters mean.LEMONADE. This is your code! Enter it on the Cappy keyboard and access Bradberton's office to get your compensation.

So what's inside? There is a veritable treasure trove of items, but only if you find a secret button. Look to the right of the Nuka-Cola machine on the top floor of the office. There's a button - press it to reveal a hidden passageway behind a bookshelf. Get down in the elevator and...

Well, we don't want to spoil everything. Just think of all the rumors about Walt Disney and cryogenic freezing.

You will be faced with two options at the end of the mission, depending on what you choose you can get one of the following:

  • On the Bradberton side:
    • Reward:Nuka-Nuke Schematics (Mini-Nuke ammo variant), Nuka-Nuke Launcher
  • Side with saw:
    • Forgive:Mono Nuka world

you can getBOTHrewarded by following this simple little solution:

  1. At the end of the mission, side with Sierra.
  2. After completing the mission, turn off the generator.

If you complete this betrayal, Sierra will become hostile, so you must kill her. Don't worry, it has nothing to do with her character anymore anyway, but if you don't want to fight her, don't turn off the power.

Nuka-Nuke Schematics allow you to build Nuka-Nuke ammo at chemical stations. This type of ammo only works for the Nuka-Nuke Launcher, which is a unique mini-Nuke Launcher; You cannot change any other launcher to fire this type of ammo.

  • Requirements for Nuka-Nuke Recipes:(1) Mini Nuke, (1) Nuka Cola Quantum

The choice is pretty obvious. When choosing a reward, choose the Nuka-Nuke Launcher. Shoots blue mushroom clouds.

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